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We are very keen to promote tennis as a great sport with plenty to offer to both boys and girls.  We have an extensive programme of coaching and activities designed to help your children enjoy the game as much as we do.

Mini Tennis

Canterbury Tennis Academy operates the mini tennis system. Mini Tennis has been developed by the LTA as a fun way of helping children learn to play tennis. Children progress through the various stages, red, orange and green, according to ability/age.  At each stage the court will increase in size, balls will become heavier and racquets longer, until the real game is played at the age of 11.

The result of the reduction in court size and ball bounce is that junior tennis now better approximates the game played by their professional idols with long rallies and a full range of shots. Children can now develop good technique earlier, can work on tactical awareness and can learn to embrace the fun of playing matches and competition.

More info available on LTA Mini Tennis Page.

Tots tennis & Red Inspire

These sessions for 3-8 year olds are based around tennis-orientated games and activities and are designed to introduce children to the game in a stimulating manner and teach them the skills required to play tennis. The emphasis is on fun and on developing co-ordination and basic tennis strokes. Tennis is taught using small courts and sponge balls. Our Inspire programme caters for children from 4-8 years of age, and the aim is that children acquire the skills of serving, rallying and scoring so that they will be able to play matches on a mini court.

Call to book a free taster session. Prices £7/hour with concessions for members.

Get set

For players from 4-8 years of age who are starting to take their tennis more seriously and can commit to training more than once a week. It provides an opportunity for them to advance their rallying, serving and playing skills at a quicker pace while making friends and having fun.  As well as regular weekly squads, players are invited to extra Get Set Girls and Get Set Boys sessions and, when they are ready, we will help them take their first steps towards competition.

Our Get Set vision is to offer children the chance to accelerate their skill development by playing in small groups at least twice a week, to provide parental support and to help the child enjoy their first taste of competition. As the child progresses and their love for the sport grows, we will help them develop the skills and passion to enter our Junior Academy.

Prices £7/hour with concessions for members.

Mini Orange & Green Inspire

These sessions are for children aged 9-11 who are playing on the orange or green ball. Coaching is in small groups with players of similar standards. Players can be beginners or can have moved up from the red ball. The aim is to get children playing and loving the game. We will teach them how to improve their skills and how to best develop their tennis while having lots of fun along the way.

Call to book a free taster session. Prices £9/hour with concessions for members.

Junior Academy

Entry to our Junior Academy is either via the Get Set programme or directly into the Academy. The Junior Academy is for players aged 10 and under who are competing on the orange and green ball. Academy players have chosen to make tennis their main sport and are committed to training at least three times a week and compete regularly. Similarly minded players from other East Kent clubs can also access the Academy squads.

Our Academy vision is to provide the very best coaching to equip these players with the tools for success. Ultimately our goal is to help these children develop into confident, positive, enthusiastic individuals with character skills that help them tackle the difficulties that tennis and life throw at them.  Academy players will develop strong relationships with their coaches and will have the chance to compete at Academy supported tournaments and be invited to training camps at home and abroad. They receive regular strength and conditioning sessions.

Prices £10/hour with concessions for members. Discounted squad fees are available on the basis that “the more you play, the less you pay”.


We offer a range of holiday courses suitable for all ages and playing ability. These take place every school holiday and half term.

They offer great opportunities to extend your skills with an intensive week of tennis, to sample what Polo Tennis has to offer, or to keep busy with one of our multi-sports camps.


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